SEMANTIC TOOLS FOR CARBON REDUCTION IN URBAN PLANNING Co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme Work Plan SEMANCO's approach to developing and integrating ICT tools to reduce CO2 emissions is based on four interrelated components:  Supporting access to, and analysis of, distributed heterogeneous sources of energy related data. Semantic modelling of energy data, according to EU energy and ontology standards.   Integrated tools, that access and update the semantically modelled data, based on new and existing IT solutions for decision making in the development of CO2  reduction strategies. A requirements analysis to ensure that the tools and CO2 reduction strategies developed address real world problems, within the SEMANCO demonstration  cases and throughout the EU. Mouse-over each of the work packages presented in the graphic. The SEMANCO project is divided into sections called work packages [WP]. Each WP is led by one of the partners in the project.  However many of the partners in the project contribute to each WP.  In this way an integrated body of research is created.