SEMANTIC TOOLS FOR CARBON REDUCTION IN URBAN PLANNING Co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme News December 2013 The December 2013 edition of the SEMANCO newsletter has been published, featuring a description of technical aspects such as the SEIF and Integrated Platform. To find out more read it here. December Newsletter produced January 2014 A short summary of the SEMANCO project has been produced and published on the digital agenda for Europe website. The summary can be read here and the entry on the website can be found here. Written project summary produced SEMANCO at ICT 2013 6-8th November 2013 SEMANCO was presented at ICT 2013 - Create, Connect, Grow which was held in  Vilnius from the 6th to 8th of November 2013. To find out more about the conference, visit the website. 29th October - 1st November 2013 SEMANCO will be presented at the 13th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality (CONVR 2013) which will be held in London on 30-31 October 2013. To find out more about the conference, visit the website. SEMANCO at ConVR SEMANCO at the PTEC - Spanish Building Technological platform 5th March 2014 The SEMANCO project has been disseminated through the newsletter of the PTEC (the Spanish counterpart of the ECTP European Construction Technology  Platform).  Visit the website.  13-14th February 2014 On 13-14th February 2014 SEMANCO organised the 4th VoCamp at the Engineering and Architecture School La Salle Campus, Barcelona, Spain. This VoCamp  focused on the application of ontologies to integrate multiple domains and scales in order to develop models of urban energy systems which help different actors -  urban planners, consultants, policy makers, dwellers- to take better informed decisions to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in urban environments. This is a report of the outcomes of the meeting.  4th VoCamp on "Integrating multiple domains and scales" 4-6th March 2014 SEMANCO was disseminated at EcoBuild 2014 the world's leading event for sustainable design, construction, energy and the built environment. Over the two days  approximately 20 demonstrations were provided to a range of delegates including architects, urban planners, students and other energy professionals. Further details of this event can be found on the Newcastle case study blog. SEMANCO at ECOBUILD 2014 15th May 2012, United Kingdom The Technology Futures Institute (TFI) at Teesside University is an international leader in key areas of research and innovation related to sustainable energy. It held  its annual research day on the 15th of May, 2012.   Keynote speakers included some SEMANCO partners as:  Mr Jørgen Hvid - senior consultant at RAMBOLL, a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark  Professor Leandro Madrazo - School of Architecture La Salle, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, a leader in the application of IT to sustainable building and  urban design Mr David Lynch - research officer from National Energy Action, which promotes energy efficiency services to tackle fuel poverty   Technology Futures Institute annual research day - Sustainable energy: a bright future.  14th June 2012, The Netherlands Promoted by the Cassandra project, Cassandra, Wattalyst, Nobel, SEMANCO, CITINES and E-Price European projects met at ERASMUS University,  to share their  experiences and discover common approaches and solutions. Potential Synergies on  ICT & Energy Efficiency 8th October 2012 The purpose of the knowledge management system developed in SEMANCO is to facilitate the interaction between the different domains involved in the application  of semantic technologies to energy efficiency, in urban planning; such as, energy efficiency, planning, and semantic technologies.   Wiki SEMANCO Wiki 25-27th July 2012, Iceland SEMANCO will participate in the 3rd Workshop on eeBuildings Data Models which will take place within the ECPPM 2012 conference, to be celebrated in Reykjavik, Iceland. Workshop information SEMANCO participated in the 3rd Workshop on eeBuildings Data Models 16th January 2013 The second “Synergies on ICT & Energy Efficiency” meeting took place on January 16th 2013, in Valencia, Spain, at the ETRA headquarters. Representatives of the  EU funded projects Wattalyst, Nobel, Skynet, Beams and SEMANCO presented the results obtained in the on-going projects and discussed possible applications of  the outcomes in other projects. Second Synergies on ICT & Energy Efficiency meeting 21-22th February 2013 SEMANCO researchers take part on the Vocabulary Camp that is taking place in Brussels, 21-22 February 2013. This is the second VoCamp organized by the FP7  project Adapt4EE and it will be dedicated to enriching BIM models used during design phases for enhanced energy performance analysis and simulation. SEMANCO researchers participate in the 2nd VoCamp on Building Information Models (BIM) 27-28th January 2012, Italy Progress on the initial phase of the research was discussed at the meeting hosted by the Politecnico di Torino. SEMANCO partners hold their second face to face meeting in Torino 12 January 2012, United Kingdom The construction crews have already moved into the Cruddas Park site on the West End of Newcastle. Very shortly, university researchers will be joining them. The  high-rises built in the 1960s were part of then council leader T Dan Smith’s “city in the sky” concept. But the Riverside Dene project which replaces them will feature  massively increased energy efficiency and a biomass heating system... more  Download SEMANCO in the local news 11-12th April 2013 Thirty-eight participants and 16 projects took part in the two day event. For details of the workshop programme, presentations and outcomes visit the workshop blog. SEMANCO host “Analysing and Visualising Energy Related Data in our Buildings, Towns and Cities” Workshop in Barcelona 8-9th May 2013 NEA presented the SEMANCO project’s  approah to tackling urban carbon emissions in the Sustainable Cities subject group of the UK’s Greenbuild Expo on the 8th May. To find out more about Greenbuild Expo, vist the website. SEMANCO at Greenbuild Expo, UK 12th June 2012, Spain A poster and an oral presentation of SEMANCO were presented at this event organized by EurekaBuild2, a network of companies, research centers and universities  dedicated to generating projects in the area of construction.  EurekaBuild2 agenda SEMANCO at the EurekaBuild2 Brokerage Event 31st May - 1st June 2012, United Kingdom Third yearly coordination meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the use case methodology design and implementation, alignments between on-going  tasks and procedures to make the first year reporting; hosted by the National Energy Action (NEA).  SEMANCO partners hold their third face to face meeting in Newcastle Upon Tyne 4-5th October 2011, Poland Presentation of SEMANCO in the 5th Conference of the European Construction Technology Platform, ECTP/E2BA... more  Download SEMANCO at the ECTP conference 13-14th September 2011, Spain The kick-off meeting has taken place in Enginyeria i Arquitectura La Salle.  SEMANCO partners meet together  13th April 2012, Spain The SEMANCO project has been disseminated through the newsletter of the PTEC (the Spanish counterpart of the ECTP European Construction Technology  Platform)... more (Spanish).   SEMANCO at the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (Plataforma Technológica Española de Construcción - PTEC) 28th March 2012, Belgium SEMANCO has been introduced via teleconference to the participants of the Workshop Linked Data in Architecture and Construction, organized by SmartLab and  Multimedia Lab of the University of Ghent, Belgium.   On-line presentation in the Workshop Linked Data June 2013 New SEMANCO reports available on our tools for Building Extraction and Classification and for Energy Analysis. Read the reports here. New SEMANCO reports 16-18th September 2013 SEMANCO was presented at the NEA Annual Conference which took place in Harrogate. To find out more about the conference, visit  the website. SEMANCO at the NEA Annual Conference SEMANCO at the ICT for sustainable cities conference 9-11th September 2013 Two SEMANCO papers were presented at the recent ICT for Sustainable cities conference in Nice. Leandro Madrazo and Alvaro Sicilia presented a paper about the  ontology building process within SEMANCO at the workshop on EEB Data Models. This paper is available here. Tracey Crosbie presented a paper at the workshop  on EEB Key Performance indicators.  This paper is available here. To find out more about the conference, visit the website.  Article on the SEMANCO integrated platform 21st May 2014 PREFIERES, a Spanish web portal specialized in energy efficiency, has published an article about the SEMANCO platform of integrated energy services.  Visit the website.  SEMANCO has participated at the EU Project Networking session of the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2014 30th May 2014 The SEMANCO project presented a poster at the EU Project Networking session   organized by the Extended Semantic Web Conference that took place in Crete,  from 25th to 29th May 2014.   29th May 2014 A SEMANCO stakeholder event, titled “Ciutats i Energia” will be held in Manresa on the 29th of May. Click here for a copy of the agenda for the meeting. The  workshop’s objective is to provide an overview of the problems that urban management responsibles are facing concerning today energy threats. Registration is open  and free and can be done either through clicking directly on this registration form or the FORUM website (   Stakeholder workshop in Spain 7-8th May 2014 SEMANCO will be presented at the green build expo in Manchester, UK, on the 7th and 8th of May. The Green Build Expo is a national energy efficiency conference  which is attended by approximately 2,000 delegates with 200 exhibition stands on view.    National Energy Action (NEA), are leading on the dissemination of SEMANCO at the conference by providing a presentation to approximately 40 delegates. In  addition a demonstration area will be set up to allow conference delegates get up close and interact with the SEMANCO platform.  SEMANCO at the Green Build Expo 2014 Newsletter n.5 has been published June 2014 This Newsletter features: VoCamp - "Integrating multiple domains and scales" Ramboll Workshop - Tools for Designing Energy Efficient Cities NEA Workshop - Planning for Low Carbon Communities FORUM Workshop - Cities and Energy: An Insight Into Energy Consumption In Urban Structures.  To find out more read it here. SEMANCO will be present at the 6th ECTP Conference in Brussels 2nd June 2014 SEMANCO will present a poster at the 6th European Construction Technology Platform conference that will take place in Brussels, from 17th to 19th June 2014.  Published the report of the  4th VoCamp "Integrating multiple domains and scales" 2nd June 2014 A report has been published which summarizes the work carried out in the VoCamp on "Integrating multiple domains and scales" which took place at the School of  Architecture and Engineering La Salle, Barcelona, Spain on 13-14th February 2014.  SEMANCO in Manresa local news 2nd June 2014 The local newspaper Regio7 from Manresa has informed about the workshop “Ciutat i Energia”  organized by FORUM in Manresa on May 29th 2014.  Data structuring for the ontological modelling of urban energy systems: The experience of the SEMANCO project 20th October 2014 The article, titled "Data structuring for the ontological modelling of urban energy systems: The experience of the SEMANCO project", will be published in "Sustainable  Cities and Society". This article presents the methodology used to set up a vocabulary based on existing technical standards and structured in Energy Standard  Tables, which constitute the base of the formally specified SEMANCO ontology.  Newsletter n.6 has been published 29th October 2014 This Newsletter features: Energy services web-portal  Finalisation of the SEMANCO platform  Dissemination and exploitation activities Publications Smart City Expo World Congress  To find out more read it here. Smart City Expo World Congress 16-18th November 2014 SEMANCO will be present in the Smart City Expo World Congress that will take place in Barcelona, 16-18 November 2014. ​  Newsletter n.7 has been published January 2015 This Newsletter features: EECITIES energy services provider  Open Source Outputs  Publications Presentations Contact To find out more read it here. SEMANCO ENDS / EECITIES STARTS March 2015 After more than three years of continuous and intensive work, the SEMANCO project has been successfully completed in February 2015. The project results have  received the final qualification of “excellent” by the experts’ committee of the FP7 programme, as a recognition to “a research project that has fully achieved its  objectives and technical goals and has even exceeded expectations”. The exploitation of the technologies developed by SEMANCO continues with the platform  EECITIES.