SEMANTIC TOOLS FOR CARBON REDUCTION IN URBAN PLANNING Co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme Outputs Ontology editor Integrated platform The integrated platform provides access to the semantically modelled energy related data of an urban area and to the tools to visualize and analyze the information. Deliverables The technical reports produced along the project are available to the research community. Publications Presentations of the project results in specialized conferences and scientific journals. Wiki A vocabulary of the terms used across the different domains included in the project. Its purpose is to facilitate the interaction between the different domains involved in the application of semantic technologies to energy efficiency. Ontology mapping tool An editor has been developed to support cooperative ontology design. It hides the complexity of coding ontologies in DL-LiteA formalism, facilitating the collaboration  between ontology engineers and domain experts. These tools help users –domain experts, data owners and ontology engineers– to capture a database structure reading a SQL schema. It includes a web interface  based on graph visualizations to let users to map the database structure to the target ontology.  Ontology EECITIES energy service provider A customer facing web portal to present the results of the SEMANCO project in order to attract potential customers and provide them access to the services  supported by the SEMANCO platform.  An ontology, described in the formal language of OWL, which describes the domain of buildings energy efficiency in an urban context.