SEMANTIC TOOLS FOR CARBON REDUCTION IN URBAN PLANNING Co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme Platform The SEMANCO integrated platform provides access to widely dispersed energy related  data about cities stored by many different organisations. In this way the project platform  supports improved energy analysis based on the assessment of existing data rather  than estimates. It does this using semantic data modelling that enables information stored in different  formats and different places to be used to create a multi-level energy model of an  urban area. That can be used to analyse the energy performance of buildings,  neighbourhoods, districts and regions. Tools Benefits Manresa, Spain Some of the most relevant technological outputs of the project Integrated platform Deliverables Publications Wiki Case studies Ontology editor Ontology mapping tool Newcastle, United kingdom  Copenhagen, Denmark Visit the blog The SEMANCO integrated platform has been developed for three cases of study. The data available in each area has been integrated using semantic technologies.  Demonstration scenarios have been implemented in three cycles to test the functionalities of the platform's tools. The project activities at each case study are reported in the blogs.​ Project Outputs Recent news & events Article on the SEMANCO integrated platform 21st May 2014 PREFIERES, a Spanish web portal specialized in energy efficiency, has published an article about the  SEMANCO platform of integrated energy services. Visit the website.  SEMANCO will be present at the 6th ECTP Conference in Brussels 2nd June 2014 SEMANCO will present a poster at the 6th European Construction Technology Platform conference that will  take place in Brussels, from 17th to 19th June 2014.  Newsletter n.5 has been published 2nd June 2014 The Newsletter number 5 has been published. It features the summary of the stakeholders dissemination  events held in the three cases of study (Copenhagen, Manresa, Newcastle) and the 4th Vocabulary Camp  held in Barcelona. Published the report of the  4th VoCamp "Integrating multiple domains and scales" 2nd June 2014 A report has been published which summarizes the work carried out in the VoCamp on "Integrating multiple  domains and scales" which took place at the School of Architecture and Engineering La Salle, Barcelona,  Spain on 13-14t February 2014.  SEMANCO has participated at the EU Project Networking session of the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2014 30th May 2014 The SEMANCO project presented a poster at the EU Project Networking session   organized by the  Extended Semantic Web Conference that took place in Crete, from 25th to 29th May 2014.   SEMANCO in Manresa local news 2nd June 2014 The local newspaper Regio7 from Manresa has informed about the workshop “Ciutat i Energia”  organized  by FORUM in Manresa on May 29th 2014.  29th May 2014 A SEMANCO stakeholder event, titled “Ciutats i Energia” will be held in Manresa on the 29th of May. Click  here for a copy of the agenda for the meeting. The workshop’s objective is to provide an overview of the  problems that urban management responsibles are facing concerning today energy threats, Registration is open and free and can be done either through clicking directly on this registration form or  the FORUM website (   Stakeholder workshop in Spain 7-8th May 2014 SEMANCO will be presented at the green build expo in Manchester, UK, on the 7th and 8th of May. The  Green Build Expo is a national energy efficiency conference which is attended by approximately 2,000  delegates with 200 exhibition stands on view.    National Energy Action (NEA), are leading on the dissemination of SEMANCO at the conference by  providing a presentation to approximately 40 delegates. In addition a demonstration area will be set up to  allow conference delegates get up close and interact with the SEMANCO platform.  SEMANCO at the Green Build Expo 2014 Ontology